How to Earn Money from Quora : 3 cool ways

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Even Google sometimes can’t locate the answers we need, so Quora is the place to go. Many academics, government officials, and industry professionals express their ideas on Quora. But how do they earn a living or how do they profit from Quora?

With more than 1.9 million active users and 30 billion unique visitors per month, Quora is a remarkably underappreciated website. A discussion point One of the online spaces with the quickest growth has over 400,000 spaces on Quora, among other things. Although there is significant profit potential, it is unclear how to monetize Quora. Is it possible to profit from Quora?

Quora lacks a definite revenue stream, unlike YouTube, Instagram, and other social platforms. Unexpectedly, Quora itself started to make money in 2016, even though it had previously opposed showing irrelevant adverts. 

In this blog, we’ve covered three strategies through which you can earn money from Quora

3 ways to earn money from Quora

The social media site Quora, which was established in 2009, went public in 2010. Users can ask and answer questions to the community on Quora by creating a free account. Prior to 2016, Quora operated on money to cover expenses. The first-time ads appeared on the platform was in 2016, when they established a revenue model and began displaying them to users.

They made $200,000 later in 2016, a figure that has been rising each year. Additionally, Zhihu Plus offers yearly and monthly subscription levels. Before 2016, Quora creators didn’t earn much money, but they can now earn a lot. We have listed the top three ways to use Quora to earn money because there are so many of them.

1. Quora Partner Program

The official Quora program is called the Partner Program. If you visit Quora frequently, you may sign up for the program that enables you to make money by posting questions on the site. Now you must be thinking of the following questions.

How can I become a part of the Quora Partner Program?

Being unable to directly join a partner’s program makes it a little challenging to join this program. Obtaining an invite from Quora is the only requirement for joining the partner program. You can only receive an email invitation to the program from Quora. The following are the requirements for receiving a Quora invite, but some users claimed they were invited even before meeting all of these requirements. Nevertheless, several users said that after passing the threshold, they also had to wait for a while.

Qualifications for the Quora Partner Program include:-

  • You ought to have a million or more views.
  • You should frequently ask questions and be an active participant on the site.
  • You want to come across as a Quora user who actually cares about the site, therefore your responses should be honest.
  • Your entire profile, including your profile photo, description, educational background, and other details, should be finished.
  • According to Quora, your questions should be well-liked and spread widely.
How much you may make through the Quora Partner Program?

Depending on the views and ad revenue your question receives, you will receive a share of your earnings once you receive an invitation from Quora and accept the request. You can anticipate $2000 annually, and it will progressively rise as more people examine your queries. The Quora Partner Program has the following benefits and drawbacks.

  • Your passive income will increase.
  • Your viewpoint will be compensated.
  • Entry barriers: It’s difficult to join.
  • They sent fewer invitations overall.
  • They only pay you when they publicize your issue.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

How to Earn Money from Quora
How to Earn Money from Quora

The main source of income for many Quora users is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you receive an immediate incentive in the form of a commission if a sale results from a marketing campaign. One of the biggest marketing platforms is Quora, which receives more than 30 billion new visits each month.

Let’s look at an illustration of how things function.

Alex is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and an Amazon Affiliate Marketer. He incorporates his affiliate links to relevant Quora responses while using Quora to write his book. His responses to the book “The Intelligent Investor” went viral one day and had more than 500,000 views. Only 500 individuals bought the book through his affiliate link by reading his Quora answers.

If 500 people use his link to purchase the $15 book, he only receives a commission of $0.75 (5 percent of $15), thus he makes $375 in commission. There are several affiliate programs with extremely high commission rates; we used the Amazon affiliate program example in this example.

Several affiliate networks:-

  • Affiliate program for Shein: up to 11%
  • Affiliate program for Nike: up to 8%
  • AliExpress Affiliate Program: 10% Maximum Commission
  • Amazon Affiliate Program: 10% Maximum Commission
  • passive earnings
  • simple registration
  • Sign up for several affiliate programs
  • zero investment
  • Results take time to come about.
  • Many websites give meager commissions of just 1%, which are not time-efficient.

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3. Quora space subscription

For readers to access premium information on Quora, there is a subscription option called Quora Space. The annual plan costs $3.99 per month, while the monthly plan is $6.99. You can access premium content on Quora and browse the site without being interrupted by ads once you’ve paid for a plan.

Writers on Quora can now get money through the Quora space subscription program. You can create a space on Quora as a Quora writer and submit both free and paid material in that space. Free material is available to all users; premium content is only available to subscribers to your space and Quora+. You can hide your information behind a paywall if you believe it to be valuable enough to warrant charging people to view it.

Here’s information on space subscriptions:-

  • You, as the owner of a Quora area, determine the subscription cost.
  • $0.99 is the minimum subscription cost.
  • You will receive 60% of the subscription money, while Quoras will receive 40% of it in order to operate the site.
  • For instance, if you have 50 members and charge each of them $10 a month, your overall revenue will be $500. Only $300 will be yours, with the remaining $200 going to Quora.
  • In your post, you can also include free stuff.
  • All of your postings are accessible to your subscribers for free or a fee for both.
  • revenue that is above average
  • Profitable Community
  • There will be a 40% deduction from your income
  • Subscriber acquisition is too challenging.

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