10 Most Useful Telegram Bots You Must Try In 2022

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Telegram bot is a software that provides features and automation that users of Telegram may incorporate into their own conversations, channels, or groups that they create on the platform.

They may be created by utilizing either Telegram’s own bot builder known as the Botfather or the Telegram bot application programming interface. You are able to program bots in order to automate a significant number of the actions that take place in your channels.

For instance, you may program a bot to make reminders about your SMS messages or to assist users in saving files to the cloud. Both of these functions can be automated. 

In this blog, I have shared the list of 10 amazing telegram bots that you must try if you are a telegram user.


The self-proclaimed “one bot to rule them all,” BotFather identifies itself as such. It enables you to establish new bot accounts as well as manage any current bots you may have.

When you go to BotFather inside the Telegram app, it will link you to several support files regarding Telegram bots, in addition to the handbook for the Bot API.


The DropMail bot offers one-time use e-mail addresses, which might be useful for those who do not wish to make their email address public and who wish to eliminate unwanted spam messages.

You can create a temporary email account with DropMail.me bot with just a single click, which will then allow you to receive emails at that address. For instance, entering /get will cause a random email address to be generated, and typing /start will initiate a chat.

This website utilizes a temporary email service known as Dropmail.me. You will use it most frequently if you require a temporary email address in order to complete anonymous registrations on websites or services that you do not fully trust.


Utilizing this File Converter bot will make the process of converting music, video, and picture files from one format to another much simpler. In addition to supporting video messages and audio messages on Telegram and WhatsApp, it is also compatible with eBooks, papers, and typeface files.

At the moment, it is capable of 579 different file conversions spanning 63 different file formats. You now have a tool that is comparable to a Swiss army knife at your disposal thanks to the File Converter bot. It is capable of converting almost any file format into another format.

Simply transfer a file from your device into the conversation, and the file converter will identify the format and provide alternatives for conversion in the form of buttons within the chat. Following the selection of the appropriate format, the file will be converted, and you will then be able to download it.


Using Telegram’s File to Bot, you may upload files to the cloud, where they will take up a limitless amount of space. It supports many languages, and the first thing the bot will do is ask you to choose one of those languages from a list.

After that, it will display a greeting that will read as follows: “Greetings, and thank you for visiting the Filetobot Bot (@Filetobot)! Put your files away in this folder. Please feel free to send me any file, and I will save it in the appropriate category”.

There are no limitations imposed on one’s own personal use. Be sure that any file you share with other people does not in any way break any laws before you do so “. The bot will handle everything else; all you have to do is publish the file in the conversation where it is located.


The Skeddy bot is a conversational reminder tool that you may have with you at all times. It’s not too difficult to understand. Put remainder and forget about it once you’ve added your reminder notes to the Telegram conversation, choose a time and date, and then entered the information.

Skeddy will then proceed to set your alarm for you automatically, and when the appropriate time arrives, you will be notified via a chat message sent to Telegram.


The IFTTT or “IfThisThenThat” bot’s primary functions are for automating repetitive tasks and facilitating the connection of disparate online services. Their Telegram bot is able to link your group or channel to 360 different external services, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and a great deal more.

In addition to that, the bot enables you to program actions that are carried out when certain circumstances are met.

For instance, it is possible to automatically receive Facebook posts of specified accounts and put them into a Telegram group; similarly, it is possible to publish messages to Telegram whenever you are mentioned on Twitter. Both of these features can be found here.


When looking for flights, you may make use of the AirTrack app. Simply input the airport of departure, the airport of destination, and the dates of the two flights (or the one trip, if you pick the one-way option), and AirTrack will locate the best deals available for you to choose from.

The Telegram app is where you will get all of the information on the flight. You can also follow routes and create a price alarm that will tell you when there is a better deal available. This makes the service much more appealing.


Babelgram is capable of translating almost anything. When you add the bot to a group and turn on the language permission for use of any language in the group, the bot will take care of translating the text you enter into the language you want it to use.

To activate the bot for usage by any of the other users in the group, just type /enable followed by the language code for the input language and the language code for the translation language in the group chat.

The content will be concurrently translated by the bot in order to ensure that the chat may go without any interruptions.


Combot is now among the most widely used administrative bots available for the Telegram platform. It contains highly valuable capabilities that aid with group moderating, analytics, screening spam communications from group members, and a great deal more besides.

When it comes to smaller Telegram groups, there is no cost involved. Because it can perform a variety of functions, such as moderating and explaining rules and avoiding spam messages, Combot is highly popular among the administrators of larger groups.

This is because Combot saves administrators a significant amount of time and labor. The business that developed the bot makes available, on a pay-per-month basis, premium memberships to groups with more than 2,500 members.


If you use both Trello and Telegram, the Trello bot is an excellent tool for managing the tasks associated with either you or your team. When you connect the bot to your Trello boards, you not only have the ability to generate new cards and make modifications to existing ones, but you also receive notifications whenever there are updates.

To put it another way, you have complete control over your Trello board from within the Telegram client.

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