Best free cloud storage services in 2022

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The term “CLOUD STORAGE” refers to a specific type of cloud computing that involves archiving data on the internet by means of a cloud computing service provider that maintains and manages data storage on behalf of their customers.

It is a type of data storage that falls under the umbrella of cloud computing.The infrastructure of cloud storage architecture offers easily navigable user interfaces, nearly instantaneous elasticity, and scalability, multi-tenancy, and metering of resources.

The physical storage covers numerous servers, occasionally located in various places. The hosting firm normally owns and manages the physical environment of the storage, which spans multiple servers.

Why do we need Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage gives you the possibility to download your data onto a server and gives you access to those files from any device, in any location, at any time. The following are the uses of cloud storage:

  • Make sure that your sensitive data is backed up.
  • Capacity for use and accessibility
  • Simple collaboration on computer files
  • Synchronization
  • Cost-efficient
  • Recovering from a catastrophe
  • Automation
  • Multiple users

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10 Free cloud service with most Free Storage

Best free cloud storage services
Best free cloud storage services

Cloud storage services are amazing for the following reasons. Keeping documents in sync across all of your devices, sharing files with friends and family, and more. There are, in fact, free internet storage services available that don’t need any registration or other commitments from users.


Mega is a company that offers a service for hosting and storing files online. This service is known as Mega. The operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported by Mega.

It offers a whopping 20 GB of free storage space, completely free of charge, making it the most generous free offering among all of these high-caliber services (emphasis on quality).

The ability to distribute links in such a way that the receiver requires a second part of the URL before they can decrypt the content is an intriguing feature. This second part of the URL functions in a manner similar to a password.

Even with the free membership, MEGA has a number of creative and noteworthy features, such as end-to-end encryption for safe conversations, integrated file recovery and versioning, and much more.


Document storage in the cloud that is both safe and easy to access is provided by pCloud. Using this application, you will be able to share files with your employees, friends, and family members, as well as collaborate on those files.

Additionally, this service gives you the ability to establish upload URLs for folders, allowing anybody to transfer files to your account. Having a specific email address also makes it possible for you or any other person to email files directly to a certain folder on your pCloud account.

The cloud storage service pCloud provides 10 gigabytes. The desktop client is available for use on computers running the Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. In addition to allowing for the upload of individual files and whole folders using a browser, it also permits the inclusion of files that are fetched from a remote URL.

The only features that won’t be available to you with pCloud’s free cloud storage plan are password security for your files, expiration dates for publicly shared files, and zero-knowledge encryption for your most sensitive documents.


Hosting of files, synchronization, and data storage in the cloud is one of the best free cloud storage options currently available and it provides a solution that is easy to use for managing digital things both online and offline.

With MediaFire, you can acquire 10 GB of free online file hosting very immediately, and you may raise that amount to as much as 50 GB or more through activities such as referring friends and downloading applications.

On the MediaFire website, you can easily upload single files or entire folders, and there are also options for sharing both individual files and full folders with other users. A maximum of 4 gigabytes (GB) can be uploaded with a single file. The filtering options, which make it easy to discover only your films, documents, public files, and so on, are another feature that we appreciate.


Best free cloud storage services
Best free cloud storage services

Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting service that also offers personal cloud storage, file syncing, cloud storage, and client software. It is meant to allow you to collaborate on your projects, regardless of whether you are working alone or with a group.

Dropbox is the company that started it all for cloud storage, and because of its excellent synchronization features, it is now widely considered to be among the top cloud storage options available.

Even if it isn’t the very finest cloud drive that’s now on the market, it’s still a great option overall and deserving of a position on this list due to the fact that it was the cloud provider that first made the concept of cloud storage appear feasible when it was first introduced in 2007. Users of Dropbox begin with 2 gigabytes (GB) of free space, and there are a number of straightforward ways to earn up to around 18 GB extra.

By completing at least five of the tasks in the tutorial (things like installing the desktop and mobile applications, uploading files, taking the tour, etc.), you will be able to increase the amount of free storage you have available on your Dropbox account by 250 megabytes.

You will also be able to increase the amount of free storage available on your Dropbox account by up to 16 gigabytes by inviting friends at a rate of 500 megabytes each. Dropbox’s free plan suffers from a significant lack of functionality, which is just another one of the company’s many drawbacks.

However, many features, such as the vault, smart sync, Dropbox Transfer, electronic signatures, unlimited devices, and offline access, are either not available at all or are severely restricted.


Google Drive is an online file storage service that is offered free of charge by Google. The service synchronizes the user’s saved files, images, and other data across all of the user’s personal computers, mobile devices, and tablets. It provides a free storage space of 15 GB. In reality, the whole storage is shared with a number of other Google services, including Gmail and Google Photos.

If you don’t use any other services you can make use of almost all of the storage space that is offered by Google drive alone. Remember that your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, Photos, Gmail, and Jamboard files are all competing for that 15 GB free allocation of storage space. The ability to work together with other people is made incredibly easy with Google Drive.

You have the option of enabling comments to be made on a document or permitting several users to open and view the same file at the same time. Because Google Workspace is accessible to everyone, you can also hand over administrative control of file sharing to collaborators through the use of trust rules.


OneDrive by Microsoft is a cloud-based storage and syncing service that is provided by the company. Everyone who has a Microsoft account can get it for free and use it whatever they choose. When a user registers for the service, they are immediately granted free access to 5 GB of storage space.

Extra hosting space is made available to users who comply with specific directives, such as recommending the service to their friends and synchronizing their mobile photos. You may transfer folders and files of any kind with the click of a button using desktop software, which then enables you to access them using a mobile device.

Sharing of folders and files with people who have not registered for the service is supported, and you have the option of either granting full editing capabilities or view-only access to files and folders via the permissions system.


Yandex Disk is a cloud storage service that enables users to store files on Yandex’s servers and share such files with other people. Yandex is a Russian corporation that is most recognized for the widespread use of its renowned Yandex Search and Yandex Email services; however, the firm also offers other services, such as Yandex Disk.

Every user who signs up for an account is given a complimentary storage space in the cloud equal to 10 gigabytes. There is a plethora of helpful functionality available, including public and private folder and file sharing, the capability to import photographs from social networks, bulk downloads, automated mobile uploads, and support for dragging and dropping files.

You may pay for an upgrade or upgrade your plan to gain 100 GB of space or more, or you can keep an eye out for extra space promotions that give you access to free upgrades.


Sync is a cloud service that allows users of any computer or mobile device to share data with one another. Sync provides an excellent method for storing and discussing private and sensitive information in a secure environment.

When you sign up with Sync, you are given 5 GB of free cloud storage space to use. It is possible to upload numerous files at the same time using the internet interface, as well as through mobile and desktop applications. This feature is shared by a few of the other services that are featured on this list.

You are able to establish shared folders that other Sync users may interact with. In addition, you are able to share any folder or file with anybody, regardless of whether or not they are a Sync user.


Best free cloud storage services
Best free cloud storage services

Internxt Drive is one of the greatest free cloud storage services available, and it offers privacy and security that are among the best in the industry. It gives you and your team the ability to save a wide variety of data while ensuring their complete safety. When you register for an account with Internxt, you will be entitled to an additional 2 GB of free storage space.

It is promoted as being more secure than most other cloud storage services because it uses zero-knowledge encryption, which means that only you will ever access your files.

This ensures that your data will remain private. Your information is secure from everyone, including the site’s owner and the employees that work there. Installing the app, sharing a file, and subscribing to their newsletter are some of the things that may be done in order to unlock up to 10 GB of additional storage space for your account.

There is hardly much to the website other than a few buttons at the top that allows you to search, share, build new folders, and upload files respectively. When you choose to share something, you will be given a URL that, when clicked, will immediately begin the download.

The recipients don’t have to hunt around for a download button, which is a pretty great perk. You also have the option of determining the maximum number of times that each file can be downloaded.


Icedrive is a cloud service of the next generation that makes it simple for you to access, manage, and update the information stored in the cloud. It makes available a platform in which you may promote, exchange, and collaborate on your content. Icedrive is a provider of cloud storage that provides users with 10 gigabytes of free space.

Your files may be accessed through a website, a mobile application, and a desktop software that are all of very high quality. There are additional options to bookmark certain files so that you can easily retrieve them from the Favorites page, to restrict bandwidth inside the desktop software, to share via email addresses or public URLs, and to download old versions of files that you have made modifications to.

It provides robust encryption through the use of the Twofish protocol and is also zero knowledge, which means that no one other than you will be able to access your data. You may download all of the personal data that the firm has on you, and on top of that, it complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition to this, the company maintains a high level of transparency.

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