Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing programs in India in 2022

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Are you looking for a way to prioritize your articles for full earnings? Working with leading stock organizations through associate transactions in the means of affiliating with them as one of their associate’s marketers is one of the wisest alternatives today.

Are you wondering how to start affiliate marketing or where to get it from? Explore the beneficial affiliate marketing platform to get an uninterrupted corridor to excellent values for your customer’s establishment and foster your livelihood and commerce ambitions.

How do Affiliate Marketing programs work?

Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing programs
Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing programs

As a beginner, it is a fundamental means for you to learn the strategies of affiliate marketing before you dive into which platform is best for you. An affiliate associate is someone who sells company products or trademarks either online or directly, provided with a personal link for every product you prefer to showcase on your social handles.

Why is that link? Is it a unique code or personal? Definitely yes, Because that link is generated for your user name or brand only, and for your information, no one can use it except you give it out, so which makes it personal and unique.

Every click on that unique link can be tracked through cookies to check if the person who bounced on your link buys any displayed product through it.

If this happens i.e the person through your link purchases anything, it means you have sold a product on behalf of that company or platform, you are entitled to a certain percentage of the amount the product was purchased known as commission which would have been communicated formally for the purchase.  These commission percentages vary for every outlet.

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10 Most Performing Affiliate Platforms in 2022

1. Amazon affiliate

This affiliate platform is still ranking as the #1 e-commerce platform so far in the world and as it, Amazon has not stopped innovating new opportunities, especially for beginners.

However, Amazon is the most highly recommended marketing platform for beginners because you don’t need to bother yourself about completing or meeting up an exact sales target except your target before you can receive a passive income.

Amazon affiliate has a defined commission pattern.

Why must you choose Amazon Associates?

  • Firstly, no prepaid charges for accessing the application or payment for registering on the platform either as a buyer or as a seller.
  • Amazon pays dividends on every purchased product through that unique link assigned to you, even if the exact linked product was not sold.
  • There is a broad extent of commodities and openings to pick from as it contains every sellable on Amazon’s website.
  • The earnings range between 1%-10%.


Awin was once recognized as Affiliate Window. It has over 13,000 advertisers and is also one of the profitable platforms for associate commerce. An associate marketer will remember to apply as additions within the system to develop your unique links.

As for this platform, you’ll pay to register your profile with them to get your unique link and the minimum you can fee is INR.380 but will be refunded upon your approval. The cookie’s duration is being determined by the affiliate and the minimum payout is approximately INR.1500

Why Should You Choose Awin?

  • It proposes transactions of numerous physical and digital commodities for virtually every niche.
  • The affiliate is the one that determines the regular percentage or dividend proportion and the period of the cookies. So, there are numerous ways for earning bogusly.

3. Flipkart Affiliate

It is amidst the vastest and the most generous affiliate marketplace in India. The forum’s enthusiasm for the accomplishment of referrals is linked with complete summaries. This unrestricted partnership platform also offers assorted affiliate devices such as contrivances, pennant, and APIs for presenting Flipkart products on social handles.

No formal partnership cost, 24hrs cookies duration, and minimum payout are INR.25,000.

Why Should You Choose a Flipkart Affiliate?

  • The Flipkart Affiliate requires an option from the various products accessible on the Flipkart website.
  • Nonetheless, its average percentage ranges from 6% to 20%.

4. Reseller Club

Reseller club is suitable for individuals looking for rapid modest earnings in India as you can effortlessly make an average rate of Rs. 2,000 on every referral. It is straightforward and one of the best-earning platforms. 

You do not need to make any payment before you can be part of the marketers the cookies last 60 days and the payment threshold is about INR.50.

Why Should You Choose Reseller Club?

  • It gives considerable payout alternatives, like PayPal, and direct bank transfer.

5. BigRock Affiliate

BigRock is India’s biggest affiliate platform for marketing. Apart from being traditional community signup and web hosting team, it proposes email hosting and digital voucher benefits. The Bluehost affiliate scheme is a fraction of the BigRock Affiliate organization. The lowest Payout is INR.3200.

Why Should You Choose BigRock?

  • The average commission rates start from Rs.30 to 30% of each product sales price, however, you can make as much as INR.10,000.
  • Offers striking standard index.

6. ClickBank 

The platform offers significant digital and real commodities to connect with your subject. It is more prone to digital products that are mostly not available on other platforms.

Why Should You Choose ClickBank?

  • The ratios are reasonably high which depends on your transactions and the type of client you deal with.
  • Its cookie duration is 60 days and the minimum payment is Rs.760 which is paid every week.

7. Optimise

Optimize has appeared to be one of the best affiliate marketing corridors as it partners with some heading groups like Agoda, PayTM, Amazon, and Samsung to name a few. It is suitable for those that get their traffic mostly from foreign countries.

Why Should You Choose Optimise?

  • Offers regular reports about the deals and percentages on the marketer’s dashboard.
  • Provides a full understanding of who and where your clients live. Gives robust commission rates.

8. Cuelinks

It is also one of the profitable platforms for affiliate marketing mostly the WordPress subscribers as it enables unrestricted WordPress plugins to streamline affiliate marketing. It utilizes Jscript for the mechanical inclusion of associate links to the applicable keyword in your subject.

The total cost of participation is free and cookies run for 7 days when the minimum payment rate is INR.500.

Why Should You Choose Cuelinks?

  • Best for quality recounting.
  • Empowers in-depth audience insight.
  • Permit unlimited access to link control equipment

9. Vcommission

vCommission is still another rating forum for associate dealing and is counted on by over 18,000+ fellows. It is connected with prominent e-commerce trademarks such as Snapdeal, Agoda, Myntra, and  AliExpress.

vCommission has more than 14,000  authors that offer promising dividend ratios. vCommission needs a website with English-published articles. On this platform, the cookie duration depends on the product but the cost of registration is free and the minimum payout is INR.5,000.

Why Should You Choose commission?

  • There are numerous openings to select stocks from.
  • Permits monthly payments.

10. Hostgator Affiliate

Hostgator is a common net hosting and connected service provider. you can expand all kinds of hosting like shared, Cloud, VPS, and WordPress. It allows payment every 70 days at intervals in which the sales took place. Meanwhile, the cookie is 60 days duration while registration Is free.

Why Should You Choose Hostgator?

  • Hostgator pays between INR.1,250 to INR.3,000 as commission rate per sale.
  • Very consistent in updating on sellers dashboard regularly.


Now that you are aware of some of the favorable affiliate marketing platforms. Decide on the one that best conforms to your scope. Firstly, you consider what your audience’s needs and interests are and wallow on a profitable route to growing your affiliate revenue.

Dig into dividend degrees and the value of the commodities accessible on every platform.

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