Telegram vs Instagram – Which is best and why?

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Millions of people use Telegram, one of the most widely utilized free WhatsApp alternatives, nowadays. Similar to WhatsApp, Telegram enables users to send and receive messages, pictures, videos, and other sorts of data. Calls can also be made by software users. While on the other hand, Instagram is a mobile app that may be used on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, tablets, and PCs.

You can write comments on other users’ uploaded photographs and share photos and videos with your network of friends. Facebook has owned the social media platform Instagram since 2012. Brazilian Michel Mike Krieger and American Kevin Systrom, both business owners and IT experts founded it in 2010.

The most popular way to use Instagram is through its universally accessible mobile app. But there is a PC version of this program as well. This application consists of exchanging images and videos based on numerous themes, such as cuisine, beauty, and fashion, using a system of likes and subscriptions to various profiles.

The website, therefore, features both amateur and professional photographers. Instagram is accessible to users as young as 13. To make an account, you must supply an email address, a phone number, or a Facebook link. 

Features of Telegram

telegram vs instagram
telegram vs Instagram

Chat program Telegram has a few additional features than the well-known Facebook subsidiary WhatsApp. Telegram’s utilization of the cloud is one of the causes of this. This makes it obvious that the transaction uses cloud-based internet storage.

As a result, there are no restrictions on the size of supplied files. For instance, WhatsApp has a data volume cap of approximately 100 megabytes (as of April 2020).

1. Send chat messages with Telegram

You can start chatting after adding your contacts: Simply click on the big pencil icon to start a text conversation with someone. The chat is chronologically organized, with your messages appearing on the right and the other person’s on the left.

2. Calls work with Telegram

The three dots in the top right corner are used to initiate a call. You have the option of making a video call or a regular phone call here. You can use the microphone at the bottom edge to temporarily mute your call while talking to your friend on the phone.

In the chat, you may view the length of your calls and any calls that might have been missed. Your calls are placed via the internet rather than a cell network. Using the tiny camera symbol at the bottom left, you can change between the front camera and the regular camera while on a video conference.

3. Group chats work in Telegram

You may also create “group chats” in addition to standard conversations. The group chat provides the same possibilities for sending text messages, video messages, and similar communications, but you may now talk to multiple individuals at once.

All you need to do is add every contact you want to include in the group. There is virtually any restriction on how many individuals you can invite.

4. Telegram Web

Telegram may be used on a variety of devices in addition to smartphones, including your PC and tablet. You only need a Telegram account. With the help of a confirmation number that will be supplied to you, log in to using this.

As an alternative, you can just download Telegram for desktop. Similar to WhatsApp Web, you can scan the QR code for this website from your smartphone by going to “Settings.”

5. Telegram bots

telegram vs Instagram
telegram vs Instagram

The functionality of bots and channels in particular makes Telegram stand out from other IM systems. But before we go any farther, it’s imperative to respond to the following question: What do bots do? A bot is computer software that performs repeated activities largely automatically, independent of human intervention.

6. Telegram channels

Telegram provides an alternative to straightforward mass communication in addition to bots. For this, there are so-called channels that allow you to communicate with multiple recipients simultaneously. Users of Telegram can subscribe to channels, which function similarly to news channels.

7. Extended communication with Telegram: send media, documents, and location

Telegram’s features aren’t in the least bit inferior to those of WhatsApp and Signal. You can also share audio, video, and photo files with your contacts via Telegram. You can share PDF files and other types of documents using Messenger.

The Telegram software provides a mechanism to share your location with contacts, just like WhatsApp does. Now let’s look at some of the features of Instagram.

Features of Instagram

telegram vs instagram
telegram vs Instagram

1. Post photos and videos

Share your images with the world
telegram vs Instagram

For sharing and posting photographs, Instagram has become well-known. Video footage can also be shared within the app, which is becoming more and more common. You need to have your own profile in order to do this. By hitting the + sign in the center at the bottom of the app, you may quickly publish an image or a video.

Here, you have the choice of instantly uploading images and videos from your smartphone gallery or manually recording them using the program.

2. Publish Instagram Stories

Particularly over the past few years, the app’s feature set has grown dramatically. The “Instagram Stories” feature is also included in this. Users have made this so popular that it is now an essential component of the program.

Pictures and videos can also be posted using the narrative feature, just as in a regular post. The main distinction is that the posts can only be read for up to 24 hours online.

This makes it feasible to virtually accompany the viewer when you are traveling, attending an event, or going about your daily business. This is an excellent approach for influencers and bloggers, in particular, to provide followers a glimpse inside their job in order to increase engagement and reach.

3. Instagram Live video

The live option is one of the most popular aspects of Instagram Stories that could help you engage with your followers. You can continue live streaming for up to an hour in this mode rather than being restricted to a maximum of 15 seconds.

There can be direct spectator contact because of this. For situations like reporting or question-and-answer sessions, this strategy is helpful. 24 hours after it first airs, a live broadcast is instantly removed. Direct communication is the most effective technique to engage your readers and followers.

4. IGTV: Instagram TV

The IGTV format is the newest addition to the Instagram world. The platform further narrows the focus on video with this feature. Pre-produced videos can also be published here and shared with the app’s followers, just like on YouTube.

Unlike a video published through the standard news feed, videos can be posted here in portrait mode and for up to 10 minutes in duration. Video uploading is incredibly simple and straightforward to use. A start image can be defined, along with a descriptive text that includes links that can be clicked.

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